Sarah finds immense fulfilment in her work as a physiotherapist as it allows her to blend her expertise with her innate empathy. Her journey, from excelling academically by achieving the highest clinical grade in her cohort, to gaining invaluable experience in the intense environment of an ICU during the COVID-19 pandemic, has shaped her into a highly skilled and compassionate professional.

What truly sets Sarah apart is her commitment to understanding her clients on a personal level. Drawing from her own encounters with injury, she approaches each individual with empathy and a genuine desire to not only alleviate their pain but also to help them achieve their unique goals. For Sarah, success isn’t just about treating symptoms – it’s about improving her clients’ overall quality of life.

Outside of her profession, Sarah leads an active and balanced lifestyle that mirrors her holistic approach to health. Whether she’s pushing herself in the gym, finding tranquillity through yoga, embracing the outdoors on a challenging hike, or going on a run along the Brisbane River, Sarah embodies the principles she advocates for her clients: physical activity, mindful nutrition, and mental wellbeing.

An intriguing aspect of Sarah’s life is her dedication to Muay Thai boxing, a discipline she has been honing for two years. This unexpected passion reveals her adventurous spirit and willingness to step outside her comfort zone. Her enthusiasm for the sport is further reflected in her enjoyment of watching the UFC, showcasing her appreciation for the artistry and athleticism of combat sports. Sarah’s multifaceted interests and experiences contribute to her dynamic personality, enriching her professional and personal life alike.


Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Masters of Science (Physiotherapy)

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