Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a series of controlled and repetitive exercises which aim at increasing core strength.

Clinical Pilates

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Pilates is a series of controlled and repetitive exercises which aim at increasing core strength. The core is defined as the region around the pelvis and lumbar spine and is controlled mainly by the deep layers of the abdominal muscles. There is a strong focus on quality of movement patterns and on the mind restraining the body’s muscles to be maximally efficient in their roles. The exercises are performed on the mat and on various pieces of equipment such as the Reformer, the Trapeze table, the wundachair and the spine corrector.

Recently, physiotherapists have incorporated the latest research in muscle balance and proximal stabilisation to modify some of the traditional Pilates exercises to make it even more effective as a rehabilitative too. This is in keeping with Joseph Pilates’ original idea, whilst continually striving for optimal safety and use of the recent technology advances.

Who can benefit from Pilates?

Everyone can benefit as it addresses the whole body. The benefits are numerous. Pilates can: relieve and prevent back and neck pain, improve balance and coordination, reduce fatigue, increase tone and flexibility, improve posture and fitness. From the injured person who wants to maintain conditioning, to the pregnant woman who wants to maintain her strength and mobility, to the eldery patient who wants to keep flexible or the high level athlete who wants to improve their performance; Pilates is for everyone!

The Process

The Clinical Pilates sessions are taken by Pilates instructor & Physiotherapists: Rebecca von Pfyffer and Sue Kim.

The first step is the Pre Screening. An assessment is done with the pilates instructor prior to commencing Pilates. This allows the identification of the specific needs of each client. The Pilates programs are then individually created, targeting each person’s specific requirements and goals.

Subsequent Consultations: Sessions are one hour in length and are restricted to a maximum of three clients. This ensures each individual has a program to meet their areas of need and receives constant feedback and assistance.

Sue Kim

Sue Kim

Physiotherapist, Pilates

Sue graduated from the University of Queensland in 2012 with a bachelor of physiotherapy and has worked in various physiotherapy fields including community rehabilitation, aged care and private practice settings. She has a particular interest in spinal injury management, post-operative rehabilitation and general musculoskeletal injuries.
Sue is a qualified DMA 1 & 2 Pilates instructor and a strong advocate for the positive effects of Clinical Pilates and core strengthening. She runs individual and group Pilates classes and always tailors her sessions to each client’s specific needs.
Her additional skills include Dry Needling which helps many patients with pain management and recovery.
Growing up in Kenya, Sue has always loved the outdoors and long hikes. She is an avid long distance runner and has participated in long distance races over the past few years.

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