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You may be passionate about a fitness goal or event, wish for a pain-free and productive work life, aim to do more with your family and friends, or simply want to move freely and feel stronger. At Results Physiotherapy, we work with you to provide you with an effective treatment plan to reach your full potential. With many years of clinical experience, research, teaching and elite athlete management, healthcare professionals of choice for Brisbane residents. You can be confident in our skilled practitioners ability to assist you in your recovery, rehabilitation and overall wellbeing.
Welcome to Results Physiotherapy

Our services

Results Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers a range of services to assist each individual in the most effective way possible. Click on our services below to find out more.


Physiotherapy aims to treat injury, disease and conditions through physical therapy. Manual therapy, exercise programs and massage are some of the common treatments we use.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology uses the science of exercise to assist patients in rehabilitation, help athletes find peak performance and relieve pain from chronic conditions.


Massage Therapy can help to relieve pain and tension as well as assist in the recovery of muscles. Our masseuse treats the wider community, people with chronic conditions and athletes.


Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment that incorporates water to reduce weight baring while exercising. This service assists a broad range of patients from post-surgery rehabilitation to management of chronic conditions.

Why Choose Us

Expert Local Knowlege

We have a range of professionals with extensive knowledge and over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our practitioners are here to help you in all areas of your life.

Range Of Services

Results Physiotherapy is a large multidisciplinary clinic located in Chandler, a central area to much of Brisbane’s Southside. We believe that a range of services gives each patient the best opportunity to recover to full health.

Personalised Treatment Plan

No matter which service you require, our practitioners develop a plan that is specific to your needs and rehabilitation.

Quality Guarantee

At Results Physiotherapy we offer high quality services conducted by professional practitioners and supportive reception staff. All staff at Results always strive to provide the best possible care in a friendly environment.

Results chandler why choose us

Contact us if you require additional information on how we can provide you with the services you require and an effective treatment plan.

Results Physiotherapy: discover our amazing story

Reputable history with a number of sporting bodies.

All of our Phyisotherapists are experienced in treating sports injuries, from team sports to individual athletes.

Some teams/associations we’ve worked with:

  • Souths Logan Magpies
  • Wynnum Manly Seagulls
  • Gold Coast Titans
  • Brisbane Broncos
  • QLD Maroons
  • Swimming QLD
  • Diving QLD
  • Gymnastics QLD

Principles of our work



Our patients are always our first point of concern, we believe it is important to treat every patient with compassion and care.



The clinic has run successfully on collaborative work of our practitioners and support staff for over 20 years. Our cohesive team make the difference to providing quality care to patients.



Amongst our community, clients, associations and staff, everyone has an important part to play at Results Physiotherapy.


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Work together for success

Scott Thornton Physio

Scott Thornton

Scott is the Founding Director of Results Physiotherapy. He has a keen interest in sporting injuries and has worked with various sporting teams for over 20 years.

Physio Michael

Michael Zemek

Michael a titled Sports Physiotherapist with a special interest in shoulders, having completed a Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Alverta in Canada, the focus of which was the shoulder.


Dr Sharujan Sivasubramaniam

Dr Sharujan studied medicine at James Cook University and completed his fellowship in General Practice with advanced training in Sports Medicine.

Phys Michael

Michael Walsh

Michael finished his Bachelors of Applied Science (Exercise Science) at the University of Queensland in 2003 and obtained his formal accreditation as an exercise physiologist (AEP) from ESSA over the following year.

Results Physiotherapy in numbers

Extensive range of professionals and 18 years of experience in the industry.

We are a large multidisciplinary clinic that specialises in physiotherapy, massage therapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, orthopaedic surgery, podiatry, dietetics, psychiatry and psychology. Results Physio Chandler is here to help in all areas of your life.

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