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Group Balance Class

Group Balance Classes   Are you looking to improve your strength and balance, or starting to feel unsteady on your feet? Our Balance Program may be perfect for you.  …

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DVA Physiotherapy Services

DVA Physiotherapy Services At Results Physiotherapy we provide high-quality healthcare services for DVA patients. Our services aim to increase ease of movement, reduce pain, and improve strength, mobility and function.…

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The Power of Prehab

When it comes to our physical health, prevention is always better than cure. What is Prehab? Prehab, also known as preventative rehab or prehabilitation, is the approach of using ‘regular’…

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Lateral Hip Pain

Tips to relieve Hip Bursitis (Lateral Hip Pain) HIP HIP hooray – Results Physiotherapy has the answers about my hip pain Lateral hip pain (AKA Hip Bursitis or pain at…

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Healing with Hydrotherapy

Healing with Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, taps into the therapeutic properties of water to enhance the effects of exercise and improve overall wellbeing. Results Physiotherapy is situated within the…

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