Registered health care professionals

Our Physiotherapists are registered health care professionals with university qualifications. All of our Physiotherapists are committed to providing you with quality treatment.

We use a hands on approach to treatment and take our time to ensure you feel satisfied in every appointment.
Results Physiotherapy professionals
Results Physiotherapy professionals

What Physiotherapy we offer

Physiotherapy Consultations

Every consultation at Results Physiotherapy involves a thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the injured area. We provide each patient with an explanation of the condition/injury and work with the patient to develop a treatment plan that they understand and follow.

Sports Coverage

Sports Physiotherapy: Results Physiotherapy provide Sports Physiotherapy to athletes across a range of sports, including: Rugby League, Rugby Union, Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, AFL, Cycling and more. We provide Pre Screenings, injury prevention and rehabilitation from injury. We have a long standing reputation in providing quality Sports Physiotherapy.

Onsite (Workplace) Clinics

In today’s fast paced environment, musculoskeletal issues and injuries are common concerns in the workplace that can be costly; to productivity, financially and to overall well-being. Our workplace physiotherapy services are designed to address the challenges head-on by offering affordable physiotherapy including on-site visits and workshops.

Pre Employment Evaluations

We conduct Pre Employment Evaluations to assess employee suitability requirements. Each assessment is individualised to the job task required of the employer. We identify risk of injury and suitability and provide a report back to the employer. Results also offers employers service to treat their employees when injured. If you’re an employer and would like more details, call us to find out more.
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Our treatments

We treat neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, sports injuries and much more!

Our physiotherapists will assess, diagnose and provide a comprehensive treatment plan, to assist and support you in your recovery. We pride ourselves on our hands on approach and endeavour to return you to optimal health in the shortest, most practical time.

In addition, we work closely with and can refer to orthopaedic professionals, sports physicians and neurosurgeons, ultimately returning you to your regular life, sport or work, as quickly as possible.

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