What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of individuals behaviours, feelings and thoughts. Through evidence based strategies, Psychologists help individuals to overcome challenges and improve their mental health. They deal with people’s everyday life and work environments to help prevent the development of problems.

We use the best of research, the latest innovations in the field, and genuine warmth, respect, and sensitivity to help clients of all ages and backgrounds enjoy a better life.

Results Physiotherapy Psychology
Results Physiotherapy Psychology

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At Results, we take the time to listen, understand and build a tailored therapy plan according to every individual. Primarily, we enjoy working with patients, as well as seeing positive changes during their journey.

Our main aim is to help all our clients through problems or issues by providing an empathetic, and safe space to work on emotions through evidence-based solutions to increase coping and resilience skills.

We recognise that each person comes with their own experiences and stories, we personalise our approach to make sure we meet our clients’ needs.

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