Passion for Helping Others

Angus is a determined and enthusiastic person by nature who is always wanting to succeed no matter what the task is. He is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, understanding the human body and applying movement science to rehabilitation; all are values that make Angus a great Physiotherapist.

Angus graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (honours) in 2016 and went on to study and complete his Masters of Physiotherapy in 2020. Over this time, Angus applied his understanding of the human body into a range of practical settings gaining experience in hospital settings and private practice.

Angus delivers collaborative care to patients using his empathy, knowledge and skills to assist their rehabilitation.

Why Angus loves his job:

Angus is passionate about assisting people to overcome their injuries no matter how big or small. He takes real pride in empowering people to make positive health choices and proving to patients that they are able to do certain activities or movements they have not been able to do in the past.

Other interests:

Outside of physiotherapy Angus enjoys being active and has a real hunger for anything sport related. Whether it be at the gym, bike riding, swimming, running or Rugby; he lives to be moving.

Something no one knows about Angus:

“My birthmark is on my whole right leg”.

Physio Angus


Qualifications: Bachelor of Exercise Science
Masters of Physiotherapy

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