Group Balance Classes


Are you looking to improve your strength and balance, or starting to feel unsteady on your feet? Our Balance Program may be perfect for you.


Participants in our Balance Program initially receive a 1-1 initial assessment, testing strength, endurance and balance, to give us an idea of your current level of function and baseline data. You will then receive an individualised program for you to complete in our group classes as well as home exercises targeted towards your goals.


You will then participate in our weekly physio-led program for 8 weeks, all set within a welcoming group environment.


After 8 weeks, you will receive a reassessment of your outcome measures to track your progress. You will then have the option to continue with an independent home-based program and/or continue attending our weekly group classes for ongoing maintenance.


For more info, see our information sheet below or contact us on (07) 3823 2400.